Elina Kervinen

“As a researcher I feel I have an opportunity, as well as an, obligation to give voice to those people often left unheard. It is what drives me in my work at HEUNI to promote humane criminal policy to improve the lives of those vulnerable."

Elina works as a researcher at HEUNI, and is especially interested in the relations between victimization, gender and violence amongst the most vulnerable, such as, refugees, asylum seekers and other marginalized groups. Her current research areas focus on violence against refugee women, trafficking in children and violent inmate radicalization.

She holds a Master in Sociology from the University of Helsinki and has also studied gender and development studies. She is currently carrying out studies in social work with the focus on international social work and protection issues.

Elina has worked at HEUNI previously for three years in different positions. Meanwhile she was exploring the world, worked with the Finnish Red Cross on the response of asylum seekers during the recent European migration crisis, as well as, with the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. She has volunteered in reception centres with female asylum seekers and strongly believes in the power of volunteerism and its impact on generating well-being, raising awareness and facilitating change.

Her previous research areas focused on violence against women and general victimization surveys, costs of violence and developing data collection methods in the European Union.

Published 13.5.2019