Inka Lilja

“I have always been fascinated by the socio-cultural context and moral aspects of criminal justice, and I am therefore inspired by the humane criminal justice spirit reflected in HEUNI’s work"

Inka has a Master in Laws. She has also studied development policy, and has extensive field experience from developing countries. As a lawyer she is fascinated by the interlinkages between rule of law and development - how rights stated in international conventions and national laws translate to individual well being and happiness.

Through her work she wants to contribute to the United Nations sustainable development goals and improve crime prevention and criminal justice systems so that they deliver justice in the world of many injustices.

She has previously worked for the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme, and believes that HEUNI’s expertise and quality research can contribute greatly to UN policies. She is most familiar with UN norms and standards, tools and guidelines related to child victims, legal aid and police integrity. She has also worked for the Ministry of Defense and Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Section for Development Policy and with several development NGOs.

Inka is responsible for HEUNI’s portfolio related to UN norms and standards and technical assistance. She participates in coordinating project partnerships and developing project concepts with multinational teams. She also loves to design new practices and tools for trainings and dissemination of information.

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Published 4.6.2019