Minna Viuhko

"Through my work I want to contribute to the promotion of human rights, equality and non-discrimination and the development of social justice. By doing research, by writing and by saying things aloud, that is, by paying attention for example to exploitation and other grievances and by sharing information, it is possible to achieve changes and improvements in the society."

Minna is a social scientist with extensive expertise in research on different forms of trafficking in human beings and exploitation. She has studied trafficking from different perspectives and has focused on trafficking for sexual exploitation, trafficking for labour exploitation, the links between trafficking and sham marriages, as well as the links between trafficking and organised crime. Minna is a post-graduate student at the University of Helsinki and her PhD deals with human trafficking, the control imposed on the trafficked persons by the perpetrators, the relationships and power relations between the victims and the offenders, and the agency of trafficked persons.

Minna is interested in questions related to migration and the situation and experiences of migrants and asylum seekers. Also other topical issues, such as hate speech and hate crimes are of interest. Minna has also studied for example corruption, crime victims, prisons and prisoners’ health and well-being, and public trust in the criminal justice system. She is interested in developing research methodology, new concepts and training, and she loves writing and the editing of texts.

Minna is a work group member of the COST Action “Comparing European Prostitution Polices" (ProsPol), a member of the ETMU board (The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration), and a member of the European Society of Criminology (ESC) working group “Immigration, Crime and Citizenship". Already for several years, she has been a member of the national anti-trafficking network for NGOs and researchers, and she has been HEUNI’s representative in governmental task forces on anti-trafficking and anti-corruption.

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Published 13.5.2019