Report series 10. Papers on Crime Policy 2

Contributions from HEUNI scholars, Helsinki 1986. ISBN 951-46-9945-9 (207 pages)
This is a collection of articles prepared by practitioners and researchers who have received HEUNI scholarships. It contains the following reports:
  • Márta Bittó (Hungary): Professional Regulation as Part of the Actus Reus or Mens Rea in Hungarian Criminal Law
  • Dagmar Cisarová (Czechoslovakia): The Position of the Victim in Czechoslovak Criminal Proceedings
  • Helena Coelho (Portugal): A South European Looks at the Swedish Prison System
  • Bojan Dekleva (Yugoslavia): Community Politics - Between Institutionalization and Informal Movements
  • Ákos Farkas (Hungary): Alcoholism, Crime and Criminal Policy in the Hungarian People's Republic
  • Michal Jankowski (Poland): New Trends in Polish Criminal Policy
  • Wayne Morrison (United Kingdom): Reflective Considerations for a Post-Modern Penology: Science and the Narratives
  • Karel Netík (Czechoslovakia): On the Problems of Relations between the Personality of Juvenile Offenders and the Prevention of Violent Crimes
  • Peter Polt (Hungary): The Treatment of Foreigners in the Hungarian Criminal Justice System
  • Bernardo del Rosal (Spain): Alternatives to Imprisonment in the Spanish Criminal Justice System: The Current Situation and Outlooks for the Future
  • Helena Válková (Czechoslovakia): The Opinions of Juvenile Offenders on Penal Proceedings and Prison Punishment