Report series 12. Computerization of Criminal Justice Information Systems: Realities, Methods, Prospects and Effects

Report of the European Seminar held in Popowo, Poland, 18-22 May 1987, Helsinki 1987 (published jointly with the Ministry of Justice of the Polish People's Republic) (second printing 1988). ISBN 951-47-1122 (280 pages). (Out of print). The scanned version available
The report contains the general report of the Seminar, by Jan van Dijk (the Netherlands), together with the following papers:
  • Jan van Dijk (the Netherlands): Modelling the Criminal Justice Network
  • Doug Maclean (United Kingdom): The Coordination and Use of Computers for the Administration of Criminal Justice
  • Juliusz Petrykowski (Poland): Computerization of Information Systems in the Polish Criminal Justice System
  • Vagn Greve (Denmark): The Protection of Computer Data: Security of Information Systems
  • Matti Joutsen (HEUNI): Computerization and the International Exchange of Information on Crime and Criminal Justice
  • Erik Harremoes (the Council of Europe): The Work of the Council of Europe in the Field of Information and Law
  • Richard Scherpenzeel (the Netherlands): The Dutch Criminal Justice Information System "MITRA".