Report series 13. HEUNI - The First Five Years

Helsinki 1988. ISBN 951-47-1348 (180 pages). (Out of print). The scanned version available
This trilingual anniversary publication describes the work of HEUNI during its first five years. It includes contributions from persons who have played a key role during this initial period: Inkeri Anttila (former Director of HEUNI), Erich Corves (FRG), Dusan Cotic (Yugoslavia), Pedro David (the United Nations), David Faulkner (United Kingdom), Pekka Koskinen (Finland), Raimo Pekkanen (Finland), Simone Rozès (France), Minoru Shikita (former Chief of the United Nations Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Branch), Bo Svensson (Sweden), Wojciech Tomczyk (Poland), and Patrik Törnudd (Finland).