Report series 15. Alternatives to Custodial Sanctions

Proceedings of the European Seminar held in Helsinki, Finland, 26-28 September 1987, Helsinki 1988. ISBN 951-47-1547-0 (293 pages). (Out of print). The scanned version available
This Seminar Report is a companion volume to the proceeding report. In addition to the general report by Károly Bárd, it contains contributions by Andrea Baechtold (Switzerland), Erich Buchholz (GDR), Helena Parada Coelho (Portugal), Christian Eliaerts (Belgium), Tibor Király (Hungary), Kurt Neudek (the United Nations), Christian Kuhn (the NGO Alliance - Vienna), Svetlana Polubinskaja (USSR), Wolfram Schädler (FRG), Aglaia Tsitsoura (the Council of Europe) and Vladan Vasilijevic (Yugoslavia).