Report series 16. Changing Victim Policy: The United Nations Victim Declaration and Recent Developments in Europe

Report of the Ad Hoc Expert Meeting held in Helsinki, 16-17 November 1988, Helsinki 1989. ISBN 951-47-2940-4 (218 pages) (Out of print). The scanned version available
This volume contains a review prepared by Matti Joutsen (HEUNI) and Joanna Shapland (United Kingdom) of developments in the policy of European countries towards victims since the adoption of the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power (1985). The publication also contains reports by Ewa Bienkowska (Poland), Jan J.M. van Dijk (the Netherlands), Sten Falkner (Sweden), Robert Fico (Czechoslovakia), Gina Piffaut (France), Wolfram Schädler (FRG), Zvonimir Paul Separovic and Ivo Josipovic (Yugoslavia), Joanna Shapland (United Kingdom), Aglaia Tsitsoura (Council of Europe) and Fely Gonzales Vidosa (Spain).