Report series 17. Criminal Justice Systems in Europe and North America

Edited by Ken Pease and Kristiina Hukkila, Helsinki 1990. ISBN 951-47-3888-8 (257 pages)

The report parallels publication no. 5, and reviews the European and North American responses to the Third United Nations Survey of Crime Trends, Operations of Criminal Justice Systems and Crime Prevention Strategies (1980-1986). In addition to conclusions and recommendations, a review of crime and crime control in 29 European countries, the United States of America and Canada, as well as a brief sketch of the criminal justice systems of these countries, it contains an analysis of certain dynamics in criminal justice. The experts in the working group were Marie-Danièle Barr (France), Jerzy Jasinski (Poland), Hans-Jürgen Kerner (FRG), Graeme Newman (United States), Ken Pease (United Kingdom), Victor Rezvykh (USSR), Alenka Selih (Yugoslavia), Knut Sveri (Sweden), Patrik Törnudd (Finland) and Slawomir Redo (UN18. Crime Prevention Strategies in Europe and North America. By John Graham, Helsinki 1990 (193 pages)

This report contains four main chapters dealing with social, situational and community crime prevention, and the planning, implementation and evaluation of crime prevention measures. It also provides detailed information on crime prevention projects which have been carried out in Europe and North America.