Report series 19. Computerization of Criminal Justice Information Systems, vol. I

Edited by Richard Scherpenzeel, The Hague 1992 published jointly with the Ministry of Justice of The Netherlands. ISBN 951-47-5953-2 (168 pages) (out of print). The scanned version available
Publications 19 and 20 contain the proceedings from the First United Nations Workshop on Computerization of Criminal Justice Information, held in connection with the Eighth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (Havana, 26 August - 6 September 1990). The first volume contains the discussion guide prepared by HEUNI and the United Nations Secretariat, the executive summary of the United Nations manual on computerization in the management of criminal justice, prepared by Doug Maclean and the United Nations Secretariat, and reports by Aaron Caplan, Edward Ratledge, Graeme Newman and John Myrtle, Christopher Lewis, and Henk Bosman.