Report series 2. Towards a Victim Policy in Europe

Report of the Seminar held in Espoo, Finland, 31 October - 2 November 1983, Helsinki 1984. ISBN 951-46-7598-3 (230 pages). (Out of print). The scanned version available
The report contains summaries of the discussions in plenary and in the working groups, together with papers by Inkeri Anttila (Finland), Jan van Dijk (The Netherlands), Georges Kellens (Belgium), Ján Kollár (Czechoslovakia), Horst Luther (GDR), Baicho Panev (Bulgaria), Teuvo Peltoniemi (Finland), Peter Southgate (United Kingdom), Wojciech Tomczyk (Poland), Aglaia Tsitsoura (Council of Europe), Jacques Vérin (France), Constantin Vouyoucas (Greece) and Imre Wiener (Hungary).