Report series 25. Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe and North America 1986-1990

Kristiina Kangaspunta ed., Helsinki 1995. ISBN 951-53-0094-0 (112 pages)

The publication contains an analysis of the results from the Fourth United Nations Survey on Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (1986-1990). The analysis is the product of an international expert working group consisting of Dr Marie Danièlle Barr (France), Dr Matti Joutsen (HEUNI), Dr Annie Kensey (France), prof Martin Killias (Switzerland), Prof Viktor Luneev (the Russian Federation), Prof Graeme Newman (United States), Dr Ken Pease (United Kingdom), Dr Slawomir Redo (United Nations), Prof Alenka Selih (Slovenia) and Mr Patrik Törnudd (Finland).

Responses were received from nearly all European countries and North America. The working group also assembled data on some countries that did not respond to the Survey. Therefore, the report includes data from all European and North American countries with an independent criminal justice system.