Report series 27. Directory of Computerized Criminal Justice Information Systems 1995

By Richard Scherpenzeel, The Hague/Helsinki 1995. ISBN 951-53-0194-7 (507 pages).

Dr Richard Scherpenzeel (Ministry of Justice, the Netherlands) is the long-term consultant of HEUNI and the United Nations programme on the computerization of the administration of criminal justice systems. In the course of his work, he has gathered extensive information on computerized criminal justice information systems around the world. The Directory provides information on already existing applications. The purpose of the Directory is to assist criminal justice managers in identifying applications that may, with the proper tailoring, fit their needs, or at least in identifying practitioners who have experience in their particular field.

The Directory is divided into nine main sections on, respectively, law enforcement, prosecution, courts, corrections, youth protection, criminal record systems, statistics, comprehensive systems, and legal information retrieval.