Report series 3. Effective, Rational and Humane Criminal Justice

Report of the European Seminar held in Helsinki, Finland, 31 May - 3 June 1984, Helsinki 1984. ISBN 951-46-8195-9 (314 pages). (Out of print). The scanned version available

Among the themes discussed at the European Seminar were the principles and limits to rationality in criminal justice, rationality in truth-finding, rationality in alternatives, and technological change and rationality.

The report contains summaries of the discussions in plenary and in the working groups, together with papers by Inkeri Anttila (Finland), John Baldwin (United Kingdom), Károly Bárd (Hungary), Bill Burnham (United Nations), Anguel Djambazov (Bulgaria), Konrad Hobe (FRG), Horst Luther (GDR), Helge Röstad (Norway), Rodica-Mihaela Staniou (Romania), Bo Svensson (Sweden), Constantin Vouyoucas (Greece), Thomas Weigend (FRG), Leslie Wilkins (England), Alexander Yakovlev (USSR), Natalya Yakubovich (USSR), Vladimiro Zagrebelsky (Italy), Eleonora Zielinska (Poland) and Josef Zila (Czechoslovakia).