Report series 30. Computerization in the Management of the Criminal Justice System

Edited by Richard Scherpenzeel, The Hague 1996 published jointly with the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands. ISBN 951-53-0914X (453 pages) (Out of print). The scanned version available
The publication contains the proceedings from the Second United Nations Workshop and Symposium on Computerization of Criminal Justice Information, held in connection with the Ninth United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (Cairo, 29 April - 8 May 1995). The volume contains the discussion guide prepared by HEUNI and the United Nations Secretariat and the prepared introductory statements made in the following fields: (i) changes in computerization and the policy use of criminal justice information, (ii) management of the criminal justice system, (iii) coordinating the introduction of computerization in the criminal justice system, (iv) computer crime, (v) controls and legal safeguards: data protection with regard to automated processing of personal data, (vi) the use of criminal justice information in management and policy formulation, (vii) communications and the exchange of information, (viii) issues in system development within criminal justice, (ix) integrated criminal justice systems, (x) law enforcement, (xi) prosecution, (xii) courts, (xiii) corrections, and (xiv) information retrieval. Search