Report series 32. Crime and Criminal Justice in Europe and North America, 1990-1994

Kristiina Kanganpunta, Matti Joutsen and Natalia Ollus eds. Helsinki, 1998. ISBN 951-53-1869-6 (239 pages).

This report is based on an analysis of national responses to the Fifth United Nations Survey. The report covers the years 1990 through 1994. The Fifth United Nations Survey data have been supplemented by other information, including in particular the results of the International Crime (Victim) Survey. The report differs considerably from its predecessors. The data has been subjected to quanitative analysis in order to test whether a set of indicators can be developed that may help us to better understand differencies between countries in the level and structure of crime, and in the operation of the criminal justice system.

Download the full text including summaires in English, French, and Russian as a PDF file.

CJS in Europe and North America, 1990-1994 (pdf, 1.52 Mt)