Report series 5. Criminal Justice Systems in Europe

Report of the Ad Hoc Expert Group on a cross-national study on trends in crime and information sources on criminal justice and crime prevention in Europe, Helsinki 1985. ISBN 951-46-8819-8 (139 pages). (Out of print)

The report deals with the European responses to the Second United Nations Survey of Crime Trends, Operations of Criminal Justice Systems and Crime Prevention Strategies (1975-1980). It consists of three parts: conclusions and recommendations; an over-all review of crime and the operation of criminal justice in European countries; and a brief sketch of the criminal justice systems of 21 European countries. The report was prepared by Jerzy Jasinski (Poland), Hans J rgen Kerner (FRG), Knut Sveri (Sweden), Patrik Törnudd (Finland) and Katja Vodopivec (Yugoslavia).