Report series 6. Course on United Nations Criminal Justice Policy

Report of the European course held in Helsinki, Finland, 25-29 March 1985, Helsinki 1985. ISBN 951-46-8917-8 (195 pages). Out of print The scanned version available

This compilation of materials prepared for the course provides an overview of the activities of the United Nations and other international organizations in preparation for the Seventh United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders.

Contributions on the various facets of the organization and work were submitted by Minoru Shikita (the United Nations), Dusan Cotic (the United Nations Committee on Crime Prevention and Control), Ugo Leone (the United Nations Social Defense Research Institute), Ekkehardt Muller-Rappard (the Council of Europe), Pedro David (United Nations interregional advisory services), Helge Røstad (the International Penal and Penitentiary Foundation), Robert Linke (non-governmental organizations), Peter Hünerfeld (International Association of Penal Law), Helge Røstad (International Society of Social Defence), Ezzat Fattah (International Society of Criminology), David Faulkner (Western Europe and the United Nations crime and criminal justice programme) and Igor Karpetz (the socialist countries of Europe and the United Nations crime and criminal justice programme).

In addition, the role of the United Nations Congresses was reviewed by Manuel López-Rey, and the various topics on the agenda of the Seventh United Nations Congress were introduced by Patrik Törnudd, Gerhard Mueller, Matti Joutsen, Derick McClintock and Przemyslaw Mackowiak.