The United Nations surveys (UN-CTS) on crime trends and operations of criminal justice systems

Background information

The United Nations Surveys on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems (UN-CTS) collect data on recoed crimes and on resources of criminal justice systems in the member states. HEUNI has several years of collaboration with the UNODC in validating, complementing and analysing the data ever since the first sweeps. HEUNI has published several reports based on the data.

The Heuni Report 55. In this report, the results of four surveys are analysed with a specific focus on two regions; Europe and North America, and also includes the profiles of the criminal justice systems within those regions. For the first time, a ten-year time series (1995-2004) is described.

The Heuni Report 64., published in 2010 analyses the data up to the UN-CTS 10th survey, also providing a ten year framework to the development of crime and criminality.

The Heuni Report 85., published in 2016, examines global crime trends between the years 2004-2013, with gender as the focus of analysis.

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