ADSTRINGO. Addressing trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation through improved partnerships, enhanced diagnostics and intensified organisational approaches (2012 - 2014)

Background information

In the ADSTRINGO project HEUNI partnered with the Permanent International Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS), the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior and the University of Tartu in Estonia. The aim of the project was to prevent trafficking for purposes of forced labour through enhanced national and regional partnerships and through improved understanding of the mechanisms that facilitate exploitation of migrant labour within the Baltic Sea region. A focused research on recruitment practices and roles of recruitment agencies and employers in the exploitation of migrant labour was carried out in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania.

The project publications are available below.

Guidelines to prevent abusive recruitment, exploitative employment and trafficking of migrant workers in the Baltic Sea Region

HEUNI report 78 in English Guidelines report English.pdf (pdf, 0.65 Mt)

HEUNI report 79 in Finnish Guidelines report in Finnish.pdf (pdf, 1.11 Mt)

Guidelines report in Swedish Guidelines_Swedish.pdf (pdf, 1.47 Mt)
Guidelines report in Estonian Guidelines_Estonian.pdf (pdf, 0.55 Mt)
Guidelines report in Lithuanian Guidelines_Lithuanian.pdf (pdf, 0.78 Mt)
Guidelines in brief version

English.pdf (pdf, 0.36 Mt) Finnish.pdf (pdf, 0.96 Mt) Swedish.pdf (pdf, 1.07 Mt) Estonian.pdf (pdf, 0.96 Mt) Lithuanian.pdf (pdf, 1.06 Mt)
National research reports

Finnish report.pdf (pdf, 0.57 Mt) Swedish report.pdf (pdf, 1.23 Mt) Estonian report.pdf (pdf, 1.02 Mt) Lithuanian report.pdf (pdf, 0.56 Mt)

Adstringo info sheet (pdf, 0.06 Mt)

Joint research report

Foreword.pdf (pdf, 0.22 Mt)

Exploitation of migrant workers in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania (pdf, 1.43 Mt)

More information:

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Published 19.11.2019