Health care and drug services in prisons (2003-2004)

HEUNI participated in an EU-funded project looking at drug services in the prisons of the EU accession countries (CEENDSP). The aim of the project was to enable effective strategies to be adopted in preventing drug dependence and related risks (including HIV and other blood borne viruses) among prisoners and drug users within the criminal justice systems throughout Central and Eastern Europe. To achieve this, the aim is to carry out research, to create a database of practitioners and policy makers working with drug dependency in prisons, to facilitate dialogue and to integrate the policy makers and NGOs into the activities of the European Network of Drug Services in Prison. The project was initiated by Cranstoun Drug Services (United Kingdom) and the partners include also a number of NGOs and prison services in the target countries.

HEUNI's role was a consultative one, together with the University of Central England, which provided the scientific co-ordinator, Ms Morag MacDonald, for the project. This project complements the HEUNI study on health care in prisons, completed in 2003.

The project was completed in summer 2004.

A further, extended report has been prepared by Dr. MacDonald and was published by HEUNI in 2008.

Published 20.11.2019