Security strategy of Finnish prisons (2007-2009)

Background information

A research contract with the Finnish Prison Administration Authority was entered on 1 April 2007. The objective was to carry out field research to support the development of a new security strategy for Finnish prisons.

The second stage, an extension of the first one, was launched in April 2008. The objective of the second stage was to assess the security situation in the aftercare system. The research project was completed in spring 2009 and the findings will be published.

The third stage of the project started in September 2009. The purpose of this development and research project is to develop security analysis methods and tradition to use analysed security information as a part of decision making process in the Criminal Sanctions field. In the next 18 moths’ methods, system and database to collect and analyse security information as well the feedback system will be developed.

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Published 19.11.2019