European Crime Victimisation survey (EUROSTAT)

Background information

HEUNI signed a one year contract with the European Commission/EUROSTAT in September 2006 to analyse the existing situation in victimisation surveys in the Member States and to make a proposal for a new European victimisation survey (sampling, questionnaire, interviewing methods and other field arrangements). The final report was finished in August and accepted by EUROSTAT in September 2007.

Followed by this, HEUNI carried out three planning and piloting projects between the years 2006 and 2010 financed by the European Commission/ EUROSTAT concerning the European crime victimisation survey. The project a proposal included a model for a new European wide victimisation survey (including sampling, questionnaire, interviewing methods and other field arrangements). The model was tested in the Finnish context and the results are available from Heuni Report 71. Eventually, due to lack of financing, the survey was never completed at a European level.

In the beginning of 2017, Eurostat has relaunced the idea of European wide victimisation survey and HEUNI was invited to join as an independent expert to the Eurostat Task Force on the Development of a Survey on Gender-based violence.

Published 3.3.2017