The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights survey on violence agaist women in the EU 2012

HEUNI was a partner in a consortium implementing an EU-wide survey on violence against women, commissioned by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Ipsos MORI (UK/France) was the project leader and UNICRI (Italy) the third project partner. HEUNI’s main tasks in the project were to act as scientific adviser and to analyse the main survey results. HEUNI provided expert advice and support for the finalisation of the interview questionnaire and developed the materials for interviewer training. HEUNI conducted a training session for representatives of all 28 participating countries and also participated in local training sessions in Finland and Sweden. HEUNI was responsible for analysing the survey data and drafting the final research report, which was delivered to FRA in December 2012.

Further information:

Natalia Ollus: natalia.ollus(at)

Anni Lietonen: anni.lietonen(at)

Published 3.3.2017